Jan 15 2014

BANG OUT Volume XXIII: “Private Eyes”

Join us for the next BANG OUT Reading Series Volume XXIII: “Private Eyes” on Saturday, January 18th at the Make Out Room in San Francisco.

Technology is propelling us into an age in which our ideas of privacy are changing drastically. Facebook is mining our personal lives for ad keywords, Google Glass threatens privacy in new spooky ways (and calls into question the very nature of subjectivity?), and our National Security Agency interprets privacy arbitrarily to say the least.

For this reading, we invited submissions that explore the nature of privacy and/or ideas of self/other and ask questions about whether our private lives as we know them are threatened, or, already extinct.

Readers submitted a maximum of 1,000 words of fiction, poetry or essay on the theme “Private Eyes.” As always, we encouraged interpretations of the theme that surprised us.

Join us for new work from readers:

Jim Nelson

Lisa Miller

Julie Mitchell

Mike Murray

Tomas Moniz

Emil DeAndreis

Alistare Wild

Jim Nelson’s work has appeared in Confrontation, North American Review, The Erotic Review, and other fine literary venues. This is his second appearance at Bang Out. He lives in San Francisco.

Lisa Renee Miller is a recent alumna of The Writer’s Grotto/Litquake’s Lit Camp. When not finishing up her novel about sex, drugs & Beauty School, she encourages elementary-aged people to write about flatulent super heroes, continues to fail at building an algorithm capable of turning text into symphonic sound, and naps. She loves to read out loud, and has even been asked to do so at Oakland’s Beast Crawl and Litquake’s Lit Crawl.

Julie Mitchell is a writer, editor, dancer and yoga practitioner living and working in San Francisco. She writes columns for Stanford Magazine and the Marina Times on a regular basis and works with high school seniors crafting and editing their college application essays. Julie has a BA in Creative Writing from Stanford University and an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. She is currently working on a series of essays about her experiences with online dating in her 50s.

Mike Murray writes short stories about weird things he thinks he remembers. Currently enrolled in the school of Hard Knocks, his writing has been featured in print and online. Mike’s short story Gross Weight will be in Forum Magazine this spring.

Tomas Moniz is the founder, editor, and a writer for the award winning zine, book and now magazine: Rad Dad. He just released a novella Bellies and Buffalos. He’s been making zines since the late nineties, and his most current zines Dirty and The Body is a Wild Wild Thing are available, but you have to write him a postcard: PO Box 3555, Berkeley CA 94703. Tomas teaches at Berkeley City College.

Emil DeAndreis is a twenty eight year old substitute teacher and high school baseball coach in San Francisco. His first book, Beyond Folly, was released last September. He is completing his MFA at SF State.